Blackberry’s Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Blackberry's still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 23, 2011
Blackberry's Address: 500 Watchung Ave Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

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Episode Recap

blackberrys update kitchen nightmares

Oh, my Gordon! Dead rodents and gag worthy food are afoot when Nightmare’s Kitchen visits Blackberry’s Catering And Family Restaurant in Plainfield New Jersey. This one has the makings of a food horror story. Just goes to show you that when Gordon Ramsey is on the case, you never know what little shop of horrors we will see.

The backstory of Blackberry’s almost could be one of the American Dream. Shelly, our owner in this episode, was running a successful catering business and decides to take the next leap and open her own restaurant. Using her mother’s retirement fund, Shelly begins what she thinks is the perfect restaurant. She runs her dream with an iron fist, confused that what she thinks is the perfect location, and perfect menu cannot attract the customers.

$200,000 dollars in debt later, we call in our man Gordon. However, I think this was one restaurant he wishes he had skipped.

Impressed with the town, but not the gaudy decor of Blackberry’s he steals his courage and samples what the restaurant has to offer. He then orders the smothered pork chop, the collard greens, chitlins, mac and cheese, chitlins, and red velvet cake. Now being a good southern boy, my mouth was watering at the culinary potential that Gordon was about to experience.

Man, was I wrong; I am pacifist unto the Lord and not that big on the death penalty, but here I would make an exception. This was a crime against culinary humanity. The pork is dry, the pasta is mushy, the chitlins smell funny and the greens are bland. Spitting these straight out he runs to the bathroom and gags. All is not lost, the Red Velvet cake is divine, so the disaster of a lunch experience is over.

To be honest, if I were Chef Ramsay, I would be on my way to the next client. But either the producers wouldn’t let Gordon leave, or Ramsay doesn’t give up easy. That evening he returns to the scene of the culinary crimes.

He is greeted at the door by one of Mickey Mouse’s dead relatives. A dead mouse. Right there, I am gone, but hey, they don’t pay me to be the chef on Kitchen Nightmares. Now, everyone knows Gordon, a top-notch, respected chef. A chef followed around by cameras. So you would think that Shelly and the General Manager would just offer up an explanation or solution to keep it from happening again.

Not so here, my Gordo-fans.; they accuse our Shakespeare of the salty language of planting the dead rodent! Right there, I would have cut cameras and left. But it just gets better. The restaurant staff accuses Shelly of being the Restaurant Hitler and running the back with an iron fist. She tells the ones that “rat” (sorry, couldn’t help that) on her to leave, but soon Gordon reaches the crux of the problem. A combination of poor equipment (A pizza oven and a wok for Southern food, really?) and her domineering attitude are the root causes of the rotten Blackberry’s.

Shelly wants nothing to do with the changes and storms off, leaving Gordon to fix the problems with her mother and the General Manager. Redecorating and new equipment soon shores up an improved menu. Things are now rocking in the new and improved Blackberry’s and low and behold Shelly returns.

Once again Gordon saves the day, though

Blackberry's Update - What Happened Next?

The end scene in this horror flick; unfortunately, the crux of the problem had returned, and Blackberry’s later closes.

Blackberry’s closed its doors for good in March 2013, with Shelly posting this message:

I want to say we just no longer saw room for growth. We were so stagnant. We were maintaining, barely, but not able to generate the clientele we wanted,” Withers explained. “I think we gave it 10 good years. We had a wonderful time and are looking on to bigger and better things

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