Patrick Molloy’s – 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update – Open or Closed?

Is Patrick Molloy's still open today?

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Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: August 8, 2018
Patrick Molloy's Address: 50A Pier Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Patrick Molloys - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update

Episode Recap

Patrick Molloy’s restaurant was a Hermosa Beach, California restaurant featured on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Though the Patrick Molloy’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired in August 2018, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place earlier in late 2017. It was Season 1 Episode 7.

In this episode, Gordon visits Patrick Molloy’s Sports Pub in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Hermosa Beach is part of Los Angeles County – just down the coast from Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach (the home of Lido di Manhattan from Kitchen Nightmares).

The restaurant is located right by the beach, too – it has a great location right on Pier Ave.

The restaurant owners are Alice, her husband Fred, and her ex-husband.

Alice’s ex passed away and left the bar to their son Patrick Molloy Bastian.

The partnership doesn’t work sometimes, and Alice is stuck in the middle because Patrick and Fred have issues.

Fred says Patrick is lazy, and Patrick says Fred doesn’t appreciate him.

They are in severe debt and can only afford to stay open for a few more months, which is why Patrick Molloy’s needs Gordon Ramsay and his crew.

Gordon disguises himself as a surfer and comes in with a group.

The surfer disguise makes a lot of sense because the restaurant is so close to the beach.

The group has ordered many foods like shepherd’s pie, chicken wings, and tacos.

However, the food that the surfers are served is disgusting.

Gordon takes off his disguise and has a meeting with the head chef and the owners to start getting down to business.

Gordon closes the restaurant and takes everyone out to the Hell on Wheels Truck.

The hidden camera footage shows a dirty kitchen, foul language, and inappropriate behavior.

Patrick Molloy’s is shut down and renovated and will be revealed in 24 hours.

The employees complain to Gordon about the restaurant’s lack of leadership.

Gaby is the head chef and confides in Gordon the chicken wings are days old.

He also reveals they never deep clean the kitchen. 

Gordon explores the kitchen and finds spoiled and rotten food.

While the kitchen staff cleans the kitchen, Gordon meets with the owners.

Patrick confesses that he and Fred do not get along, which is pretty obvious given the backstory.

Gordon makes Alice go home to rest because he can see how the tension affects her.

Gordon calls out Patrick for running away from his problems instead of confronting them. 

Gordon meets with the kitchen staff in the Hell on Wheels Truck.

Dishes such as fish tacos, steak fries, and a fresh Ceaser salad are added based on Gordon’s expertise.

Gordon’s team and kitchen staff practiced for six hours on the new dishes to make sure they’re perfect.

Gordon and Patrick have a meeting where he tells Patrick that Fred obviously wants out. 

Fred and Gordon then meet, where Fred confides, he doesn’t see himself as a father figure to Patrick and doesn’t trust him.

It’s just a sad story all around and it’s sad to see.

Gordon gathered the staff together the following day to taste the new food, and everyone loved it.

The head chef Gaby is happy and proud to work in the renovated kitchen.

Gordon stops the clock on the countdown to have a heart-to-heart with Fred and Patrick. 

Fred promises to change, but Gordon and Patrick feel as if it’s not genuine.

Patrick and Fred both tell Alice that they’re sorry and promise to try and make it work for her.

Once they have the tough talk, Gordon starts the clocks again and the crew gets down to business for the relaunch.

For the relaunch, Patrick is named the manager.

Customers are let in, and they are impressed by the new decor.

Fred and Alice relax and enjoy the night. 

Gaby is overwhelmed in the kitchen. Patrick goes in and calms him down.

The customers love the new food, and the relaunch is a success! 

Patrick Molloy's Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Patrick Molloys Gordon Ramsay visit, let’s talk about what happened to this Hermosa Beach restaurant after Gordon and the Hell on Wheels truck rolled out of town.

Things started off a little rocky because the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission had an issue with the renovations from Gordon Ramsay and the 24 Hours to Hell and Back crew.

Some of the changes needed approval. While the producers told Fred they had that approval, it turns out they didn’t actually have it.

The production company later admitted that they just bungled it and didn’t think the work required a permit.

The Commission eventually rejected the changes and Patrick Molloy’s had to undo them.

Other than those issues, things have generally been good at the restaurant.

Gaby has stepped up and is now the Head Chef and a managing partner at the restaurant.

Is Patrick Molloy’s still open after Gordon Ramsay?

As of 2022, Patrick Molloy’s is still open and serving customers in Hermosa Beach, California. Reviews are generally average, with a 3.5 star rating on both Yelp and TripAdvisor.

A lot of the negative reviews seem to be from regulars who don’t like the new direction.

Some people also criticize inconsistency with the staff and high prices outside of happy hour.

On the plus side, people seem to really like the Patrick Molloy’s happy hour and find that it offers great value.

If you want to visit the restaurant or see the Patrick Molloy’s menu, you can check out the official Patrick Molloy’s website.

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  1. Another interesting episode. I still don’t believe this is all done in 24 hours. Ramsey as usual puts it all out there hoping to save the business. I love this show. If only it was believable in the time factor. Good to see Patrick step up. I think he needs a new head chef.

    • To be fair… if you have enough people helping you can do pretty much anything at seemingly impossible speeds.

      I once heard a story about how a bunch of architects got together and planned a house’s construction down to the smallest detail and organized the whole thing down to the literal minute. They had something like 100+ people to help build it, and they not only got the thing up in 48 hours, ten years later it still looks brand new.

      Gordon can hire that kind of help for SURE, and with all that footage of the interior he had, his design team was probably hard at work with models and supply ordering and things weeks before they ever stepped foot into the space.

      It’s not easy, and it requires military precision to make it work, but it can be done.


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