Brownstone Bistro – 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update – Open or Closed?

Is Brownstone Bistro still open in 2023?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: June 27, 2018
Brownstone Bistro Address: 5047 Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019
Brownstone Bistro - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update

Episode Recap

Brownstone Bistro was a Los Angeles, California restaurant featured on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Though the Brownstone Bistro 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired in June 2018, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place earlier in 2018. It was Episode 3 of Season 1.

The Brownstone Bistro is located in Los Angeles, California.

It is a creole restaurant owned by Clive Jackson. The restaurant has been open for five years and is struggling, which is why it desperately needs help from Gordon Ramsay and 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

There’s some sad backstory here…

Clive’s son, Clive Jr., was shot, and Clive became depressed. He threw himself into his work.

He is a very kind and generous man, and sometimes his staff takes advantage of him. 

When Gordon arrives in disguise, the servers look unhappy.

There is also no one to greet him at the host stand.

When he orders his food, Gordon is served cold chicken wings and processed cheese.

Gordon shuts down the restaurant and calls the staff into the dining room.

One of the servers yawns as Gordon gives the team feedback.

Clive says the restaurant has six months left before it will need to close, so they definitely need to find a way to turn things around with Gordon’s help.

Gordon then takes the staff to the Hell on Wheels Truck and shows the staff footage of them on their phones and unsanitary conditions.

The general manager, Nicole, is caught laughing at the footage. This looks bad because unsanitary food hygiene really isn’t a laughing matter – it can get people sick.

When Gordon confronts her, she becomes very rude and defensive.

Clive is ready to change things. Gordon starts the clock to the relaunch. 

Gordon reads online reviews of the Brownstone Bistro to the staff.

The complaints say the team is distracted by football on television, cold food, and long wait times.

Nicole says the kitchen staff needs more training, and then the restaurant will run better. That kind of seems like it’s her job, given that she’s the general manager, right?

Gordon wants commitment from the staff to work hard to make things work. Terrance, a line cook, leaves.

Gordon brings in his design team, and they begin to put in new furnishings and décor.

Gordon goes to inspect the kitchen. The kitchen is filthy, and the grill is full of grease, making it a fire hazard.

Clive is emotional at the state of the restaurant. 

Clive tells Gordon he is still grieving the loss of his fourteen-year-old son, which is why this is a very sad episode.

He was hot near the restaurant, and Clive was the first one on the scene.

He tries to make amends by saving other kids. There was pressure put on his marriage, and now his wife left him and took their daughter. 

Gordon takes the staff to the truck and teaches them how to cook the red snapper.

Everyone loves the dish that the kitchen makes.

The next day the new kitchen is revealed, and it is more spacious than before.

There is also a new POS system from Touchbistro. Before, the restaurant used paper tickets, which wasn’t efficient and caused problems during busy periods.

Gordon meets with Clive’s ex-wife Deedee and facilitates a reconciliation.

Gordon reveals a tree he put in the restaurant in honor of Clive Jr. Customers can leave a friendly message on the tree.

Everyone is pleased with the relaunch.

The restaurant has a new modern look, and everyone is impressed. 

Brownstone Bistro Update - What Happened Next?

Brownstone Bistro has an up and down story after the Brownstone Bistro 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired.

Clive kept the new menu that Gordon introduced and reviews seemed to generally be positive.

However, Brownstone Bistro closed in October 2018, just four months after the episode aired and around a year after the visit from Gordon Ramsay and the Hell on Wheels truck.

Soon after that, new owners purchased the restaurant and renamed it to Brownstone LA. They reopened it in January 2019.

They kept Clive’s menu and the Brownstone name, so it was very much the same restaurant (just under different ownerships).

The restaurant closed again soon after in September 2019, however, which is why we’ve marked Brownstone Bistro as closed on our 24 Hours to Hell and Back open or closed list.

As of 2022, Yelpers mark Brownstone LA as permanently closed and the restaurant doesn’t have any activity on its social media channels.

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  1. I am Saddened to See the Brownstone Bistro is Closed. Clive Jackson’s Story on Chef Ramsay’s Show Really Touched My Heart. I Was Actually Looking for the Restaurant to Save as “Places I Want to Go” on Google. My Prayers Go Out to Mr Clive, His Family and His Staff and Their Families. GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS CHEF RAMSEY 💪🏾🤎

  2. I wish him all the best, the death of a child is crippling and I don’t think he could cope even after Gordon tried to help. He really needed counseling to deal with his loss. My prayers go out to him

  3. Poor guy. Man, there’s just some stuff in life that, no matter what help you get, it’s just too tough to come back from. When he was talking to Gordon, there was a gap from when he said nobody was there till the cops pulled him off his son that they obviously cut out that must have been unspeakably sad.

  4. Someone find Clive and contact Gordon. Gordon knows good people and he’s always willing to give someone a hand up, if they work hard and want it bad enough.


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