Bella Gianna’s Restaurant – 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update – Open or Closed?

Is Bella Gianna's still open today?

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Original Episode Air Date: June 13, 2018
Bella Gianna's Address: 77 S Rte 303 Congers, NY 10920
Bella Gianna's Restaurant - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update

Episode Recap

Bella Gianna’s restaurant was a Congers, New York restaurant featured on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. It has the distinction of being the first restaurant ever featured on the show.

Though the Bella Gianna’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired in June 2018, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place earlier in late 2017. It was Season 1 Episode 1.

In this episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Bella Gianna’s restaurant in Congers, New York.

Congers is a suburban hamlet in Rockland, which is just north of New York City on the Hudson River.

The owners are Vinny Vasti and Theodora (who is also known as Dori Vasti-Barbato).

The restaurant was once very successful but began falling apart, as did the family.

The business has declined so much that they barely have any customers.

Vinny is very emotional and is always yelling or crying in front of the employees, in part because of the stress of the restaurant.

Gordon’s team arrives and tells the staff to film a renovation series.

Gordon comes in dressed as an older man and has a pretend family.

The staff is unwelcoming, and the decor is outdated—Gordon and his family order a wide array of Italian dishes.

When they complain about the clams, Vinny takes it off the bill. 

Chef Lou in the kitchen doesn’t think any of the dishes are bad that were sent back to the kitchen.

Vinny and the chef begin to argue, and their arguments can be heard from the dining room.

Gordon removes his disguise, and the kitchen staff comes out.

Gordon calls Vinny out for being rude, but Vinny gets defensive. 

Everyone is taken to the Hell on Wheels Truck to see the hidden camera footage.

The kitchen is dirty, and the staff handles food with their bare hands.

After the videos are shown, Vinny makes a passionate plea that he is committed to making the restaurant better. 

The countdown clock is started.

Gordon reads negative reviews that point Vinny out as being rude, which is something that needs to change if the restaurant is to be successful.

When Theodora goes to ask a question, Vinny interrupts rudely.

The staff says when Vinny gets in a mood, they cannot work with him.

Vinny breaks down in tears when his daughter texts him telling him to listen to Gordon Ramsay. 

Gordon inspects the kitchen, and the freezer falls apart in his hands.

There is also old food that Vinny told the kitchen staff to keep.

The walk-in fridge smells foul.

Chef Lou tells Gordon he has given up but promises to get it together.

Gordon takes Lou to the truck to show him a smaller menu with more straightforward dishes. 

When Gordon goes back inside to check out the renovations, he can hear Vinny yelling.

Vinny blames everyone else for his problems which annoys Gordon.

Gordon tells him to grow up, but Vinny takes everything Gordon says and twists it around.

After a night of cooking, the staff tries the new menu, and they love it. 

Gordon shows the kitchen staff the new appliances from Breville.

Vinny and Theodora are taken in a vehicle to see a new advertisement for the restaurant on a busy street.

The restaurant looks more contemporary.

Vinny’s daughter is brought to tears because of how beautiful the restaurant is. 

The customers are let in, and at first, the kitchen struggles with cooking due to lack of rest.

Gordon also has to remind Vinny to quiet down.

The night ends as a success with many regular customers impressed by the new décor and the improved service.

Bella Gianna's Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Bella Gianna’s restaurant Gordon Ramsay visit, let’s talk about how the restaurant has been doing after the Hell on Wheels truck rolled out of Congers, NY.

Three months after Gordon’s visit, the restaurant’s weekend business has grown a lot, which has helped it be a lot more successful.

Customers generally like Gordon’s changes and the Bella Gianna’s owners have stuck with a lot of Gordon Ramsay’s suggestions.

Vinny also seems less stressed, which is great to see.

Is Bella Gianna’s restaurant still open after Gordon Ramsay?

As of 2022, Bella Gianna’s restaurant is still open and serving customers in Congers, NY. The newer reviews for the restaurant are generally positive and it has an overall four star rating on Yelp.

People praise the food and hospitality.

Customers were also happy that Bella Gianna’s was open during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to the patio area with space heaters.

With that being said, the Bella Gianna’s owners are trying to sell the restaurant, though without any luck.

Though the owners are trying to sell, they’ve been struggling because of the zoning rules for the land, which only allows the land to be used for a restaurant.

They’re trying to lobby the local town government to change the zoning so that they can develop the land for retail or office use.

If they’re able to successfully get the land re-zoned, then Bella Gianna’s might close as a result.

For now, though, Bella Gianna’s is still open and seems to be doing well, which means that the first ever restaurant from 24 Hours to Hell and Back is still on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours success list.

If you want to see an update for the next episode on the show, you can read our The Old Coffee Pot update.

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