Bayou on the Vine 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update – Open or Closed?

Is Bayou on the Vine still open today?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: February 6, 2019
Bayou on the Vine Address: 1601 E 18th St Kansas City, MO 64108
Bayou on the Vine 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update

Episode Recap

Bayou on the Vine was a Kansas City, Missouri restaurant featured on Season 2 of 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Though the Bayou on the Vine 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired in February 2019, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place earlier in November 2018. It was Episode 6 of Season 2.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Bayou on the Vine is owned by Chuck and Eartha.

Eartha’s father performed at the restaurant many years ago.

The couple has owned the restaurant for over a year. Despite living in an area surrounded by landmarks, Bayou on the Vine is failing and in need of help from Gordon Ramsay and the 24 Hours to Hell and Back crew. 

They purchased the restaurant for their daughter, Sharekka, who is an executive chef.

Sharekka wanted her own restaurant, so the Bayou on the Vine purchase seemed like it made a lot of sense.

However, Sharekka is difficult to get along with.

Her sisters Shayna and Cimina also manage the restaurant, but none of them really have much restaurant experience, which is a big part of why things are going so rough at Bayou on the Vine.

To make matters worse, Chuck and Eartha are even close to divorce due to all the stress of the restaurant and their finances. 

Gordon arrives disguised as a baseball player. The restaurant has tinted windows and is mardi gras inspired.

Gordon chooses to order everyday creole dishes.

However, he has to sit there for a while before he gets any of the food that he ordered.

When he finally receives his hushpuppies, they are cold. His jambalaya is terrible, and his catfish is overcooked.

Gordon reveals who he is and takes everyone with him to the Hell on Wheels truck. 

Gordon shows the customers and staff footage from the kitchen.

They are shown overflowing grease traps, a dirty kitchen, and Sharekka’s lousy attitude. T

here are also roaches caught on film. Ewwwww, right?

Gordon mentions her lack of experience, and Sharekka gets defensive. 

In a staff meeting with Gordon, everyone agrees Sharekka is a big issue for the restaurant.

If she weren’t family, she would have been let go by now.

Cimina says the relationship with her sisters is strained because of Bayou on the Vine.

Shayna, the general manager, is overly sensitive when Gordon asks her where she has managed before.

Gordon then asks Eartha about the guitars on the wall, and she tells him how her dad and uncle were jazz musicians who once performed there. 

Sharekka is too entitled, and Shayna has checked out. The family no longer gets to spend quality time together. They are always in the restaurant fighting.

Chuck tells his daughters to get on board with Gordon’s changes so that Bayou on the Vine can have a chance at success.

Gordon takes kitchen staff with Sharekka to the bus to see the new menu, which is inspired by creole culture and food.

Sharekka is unenthused until she tastes the food. Then she changes her mind.

Jazz music is the central theme of the dining room. Gordon’s staff tells him that Sharekka was resistant, but she is a strong cook. 

Gordon surprises Eartha with her uncle James Gadson, the former jazz musician.

Beyond the surprise visit, Gordon also changes the restaurant’s name to Gadson’s to honor Eartha’s family legacy.

At the next food service, Cimina is the expeditor, and food is getting prepped quickly, but Sharekka gets overwhelmed and sends out an overcooked dish.

Shayna switches places with Cimina, and Shayna and Sharekka work together.

The night is a success and ends with James Gadson performing.

Bayou on the Vine Update - What Happened Next?

Three months later, the restaurant is running better, and the family relations have improved. Sharekka has earned the respect of her team.

However, they did not keep the new name of Gadson’s and instead switched back to the Bayou on the Vine name.

Yelp reviews still weren’t great – the restaurant had just a 3.5 star rating, though more recent reviews seemed better than those that came before.

For example, if you search by newest first, you’ll find a lot of four and five star reviews (though there were also some one star reviews).

However! This place is INCREDIBLE. We went on Friday night and had to pay cover charge for the band… which was totally worth it. The singer and musicians were awesome. Totally blown away by the talent on the stage.

Is Bayou on the Vine still open?

Unfortunately, the changes would not be enough to save the restaurant and Bayou on the Vine closed in June 2020. The old Bayou on the Vine location is now occupied by a restaurant called The Corner Bar & Grill.

You can learn more about the new restaurant on its Facebook page or Yelp page.

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  1. Gordon Ramsay is making great shows for us to watch! On the false pretences that he can help save dying restaurants. The reality is different, and Gordon knows this for a fact ! Most restaurants anywhere open and are usually closed within 6 months or so . This is a fact !
    Gordon couldn’t even make a success of his own restaurant he opened in his home town in Scotland! Why ? Because that’s the way it is in the restaurant business! Hit and miss usually ?
    My opinion and from my 45 years of experience in the fast food business in the u.k . I can safely say the restaurant business is different to fast food ! In fast food people come to buy food that’s tasty clean and value for money! And friendly customer service. But in the restaurant business! People dine for the ambiance and experience as well as good food and service. So if you have this all you will be a success for a few months possibly a few years and if your really doing something that is magical you will be there for decades. But the truth is that people get bored and the new restaurant is a trendy novelty till the next trendy new novelty opens! And most people are disloyal and will quickly abandon your restaurant to try the new place! Because they are always searching for new different experience! That’s why I never opened a restaurant!

    • How delusional of you to say Gordon couldn’t make his hometown work but literally has 38 successful restaurants all around. That is something you in your 45 years of experience could never accomplish. Your explanation of why you never opened a restaurant is a complete cop out because the real reason is that you didn’t have what it takes. Explains your jealousy of Gordon Ramsay who still has people coming to his restaurants 2 decades later. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay was established in 1998 and still open in 2023.

  2. Such An Ungrateful young girl…. Parents seemed so nice and successful… sad she doesn’t get it!! She didn’t deserve the restaurant, definitely did not display her Christian values…

  3. Shame, why. You had it all. Was it service, ego. Kansas city is a home of jazz. I’m studying at 55 culinary. You must embrace change. You learn, but guess what you learn. Once a teacher always a student. BTW, I’m not uneducated, I hold an MBA in finance and statistics. Certified in many areas. I just love to learn. Gordon Ramsey does what the military does. Breaks you to change, and then brings you up. Your military protecting you does same.

  4. We were in the height of COVID when they closed in June 2020. Many small businesses lost everything during that time. Don’t assume you know why they closed. It could have in fact, been because of COVID


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